About Me

Thanks for stopping by and checking out my work!

My name is Christopher Waddell, and I'm a British(ish) photographer/videographer/graphic designer.
I add the (ish) part, as I was born in Tanzania, then lived in Botswana, Haiti, New Zealand, Mozambique, Kenya, England and am now based in Switzerland. So spent the majority of my life outside the UK, and it's always confusing trying to explain where I'm from. Basically what some people call a Third Culture Kid.

So having moved around a lot, that has given me a huge passion for travel and I've been lucky enough to see quite a lot of the world especially in the last few years (70 countries and counting).
I've pretty much always had a camera on me from a young age (I still have my very first camera - a little blue plastic 'Space Snapper' film camera from Boots). Luckily my gear has improved and grown a lot since then. But I always find the best way to remember and capture the uniqueness of locations has been through photography. And looking back through my photos, it always sends me back to the memory of that exact time and place it was taken.

I've mainly shot landscape/travel photos. But as I've travelled I've started shooting more with people too. And more recently I've also started getting more into videography, which is also a nice way to re-live a place.
After years of travelling and capturing a lot of landscape/travel photos, and getting a few more requests from people. I finally got round to setting up this shop for my prints. So here you can find a few of my favourite photos I've taken from around the world - from Iceland, to Namibia, Fiji and more.
Since I know not everyone might have the space for artwork for their walls, I also have my photos available on a few other things that might be more useful day to day (mostly travel related too). I'll slowly add to the prints and other products I have over time.
For the latest updates, check out my Facebook Page, Instagram or sign up to my newsletter (I won't spam you constantly, as if you're like me you probably just stop opening them. But may send out the occasional update or announcement). If you have any questions at all - please get in touch. My photos/video footage is also available to licence. Or if you want to work with me (anywhere in the world), I'm sure I'd be up for it if I'm available.


Christopher Waddell Snorkelling in Fiji