Tuk Tuk Geocoin - Blue/Red/Yellow

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This is one of the new Tuk Tuk Geocoins.

These coins measure 2 inches wide, 3mm thick, with detailed 3D designs under hard enamels.

They're trackable on geocaching.com and will also come in a protective pvc sleeve with activation retrieval information.

More Information:
This coin was produced as a charity fundraiser coin. In October/November, we took part in the Tuk Tuk Tournament in Sri Lanka. A 2 week event which ultimately funded clean water sources for local communities in Sri Lanka through the PALM Foundation. The participants managed to fund 50 new clean water sources, and we wanted to help fund a few more with these coins.

During our time in Sri Lanka we also saw how many street dogs there were, and during part of the tournament we were able to visit Animal SOS Sri Lanka. A charity that currently cares for around 2,400 dogs (400 of those are disabled - from being attacked by people, being hit by cars...). And this charity is completely reliant on donations to stay funded (which only has enough funding for a few months at a time). It costs about £60,000 a month to run - half of that going just towards feeding the thousands of dogs they look after. The rest towards the maintenance, medication costs, etc... And being huge dog lovers we wanted to help this cause out too - so profits from these coins will be split between the two charities.