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Hi, and welcome to CW88's Geocoins! Thanks for stopping by and taking a look.

My name is Chris (I geocache under the name CW88), and I've been creating and selling geocoins since 2010. I like to create high quality coins with unique designs (the majority inspired from my travels in some way) that try to stand out a bit from most other coins (usually shaped or highly detailed 3D).

Over the years I have also helped design and produce coins for others (such as the Peace Turtle and Krakow Geocoins seen below). I can also create custom limited editions of my coins for your webstore or for events (or supply bulk orders for reselling).

If you want me to help turn your ideas into reality, then head to my Facebook Page and send me a message on there for rates and more information (If you want products other than coins made, I can probably help out too).


I also post my latest announcements and updates on Facebook too - so check it out and give it a like if you want to keep up with my newest designs! There may be the occasional contest there too.

If you are on Instagram, be sure to give me a follow there too (check out posts and stories for the occasional secret discount code!).

Otherwise you can find all of my current available Geocoins and Pendants here on my online store. I usually also list a few coins for sale each week on eBay (along with the occasional rarer version), so keep an eye out for deals there too.

Thanks again for stopping by my store and taking a look at my available designs. Hopefully something catches your eye and you can continue to help me continue creating unique designs. And thanks to everyone who has purchased from me over the years (especially my regular customers), and allowing me to do something I love.

- Chris (CW88)

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  • Matthew Waddell


    I recently came across your Celtic Sword and Sheild Geocoin design.

    Any chance there’s any left? I realize all listings have been removed from your website but thought it was worth trying nonetheless.

    As a Waddell, I thought it was worth a shot to try.


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